I am announcing my intention to seek both the American Independent Party of California and the Constitution Party nominations for President of the United States of America.  Your prayers and support are most welcome.  In G-d We Trust!


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/04/2015, J.R.Myers announces his Presidential bid.

J.R. is in his third term as Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party (ACP). He was the ACP nominee for Alaska Governor in 2014. He also serves as President of the Alaska

Counseling Association, and works as a Behavioral Health Consultant.


"On this 239th Fourth of July celebration in the year of Our LORD 2015, I announce my intentions to secure both the American Independent Party (AIP) of California and thenational Constitution Party (CP) nominations for President of the United States. My campaign will address many issues to include ballot access in the various states and

Presidential Debate inclusion. We must acknowledge and defend our Judeo-Christian heritage, our Constitution and the Rule of Law. We must foster individual moralresponsibility in the exercise of our freedoms. We must refrain from foreign conflicts not our own, yet vigorously defend our borders from those who seek our harm. We must

exercise our legitimate sovereignty, including over our Arctic lands. Our nation is in trouble as never before. I ask for your prayers and support in this endeavor. G-d Bless America!"


J.R.Myers for President 2016
POB 2086
Soldotna, AK 99669




"Thanks everyone for your support and votes.  The ACP MYERS/RENSEL ticket received 6,987 votes or 2.5%!  That's a great measure of our statewide base of support.  Congratulations to the Walker/Mallott team on your victory.  Thank you Governor Parnell for your service to Alaska. Thank you Care Clift, Libertarian nominee, for your active and collegial campaign." - J.R.Myers




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