ALL IN ALL!  Let All candidates who will appear on the November 4th ballot appear in All debates!  This issue is bigger than the 2014 Alaska Gubernatorial Election.  It effects all statewide races in Alaska. Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House.  The media has a responsibility to accommodate all legitimate candidates.  Every candidate w\ho has taken the pains to appear on the ballot is a Legitimate candidate.  Hold the media accountable.  Contact them and demand that All in All be implemented from this time on by all media in Alaska.

10/18/14  An Open Letter to The People of Alaska,
It is unconscionable that two legally and fully vetted candidates for Alaska Governor, Libertarian Care Clift via her 16% of the primary vote and Alaska Constitution Party member J.R.Myers via his and Maria Rensel's nearly 9,000 petition signatures, are both being excluded from the three televised debates the week prior to the election.  Both candidates expressed shock and dismay.  The response of Alaska Public Media has been the most disheartening.  Clift and Myers have both been public media supporters in the past.  Both campaigns will now urge their supporters to withdraw donations and advertising from those media outlets, including Alaska Public Media, which refuse to give equal airtime and consideration to all the qualified people's candidates.  Won't you please join our efforts to call upon All Alaska Media to include All Four Candidates at All the following Debates!  
Sunday 10/26 - KTUU Channel 2 Anchorage
Programming Mike Valdez  mvaldez@ktuu.com  news_desk@ktuu.com
907-762-9260 News  907-762-9202  Main
Tuesday 10/28/14 - KTVA Channel 11 Anchorage
comment@ktva.com  907-274-1111
Wednesday 10/29/14 - KTOO 104.3 Juneau & KAKM Alaska Public Media Anchorage
Lori Townsend 907-550-8452 or 907-550-8444  ltownsend@alaskapublic.org
Pat Yack 907-550-8461  pyack@alaskapublic.org
Please contact the media outlets, add your name and forward to your contacts.
United in Liberty,
J.R.Myers for Alaska Governor 2014 &
Carolyn F. "Care" Clift for Governor


"I had the same BS during my last campaign in 2008. I had debated Begich one-on-one maybe 4 times, he was gracious and engaging. But when Uncle Ted was finally able to get back to Alaska after his ill-gotten trial (and I never criticized him for this petty corruption charge), PBS excluded me.
Small parties and little money don't count!
People ARE getting sick of this. New voices need to be heard.
It's hard to call this "the two-party system" in this case because Walker is an independent candidate, but it is $$$ that calls the shots here. Your party is just a JV twerp without money.
And then the same bastards complain that "money. money, money fuels campaigns. Something should be done about it!"
How about getting all registered parties into the debates?
For Freedom,
Bob Bird"


"We the people of Alaska, grateful to God and to those who founded our nation and pioneered this great land, in order to secure and transmit to succeeding generations our heritage

of political, civil, and religious liberty within the Union of States, do ordain and establish this constitution for the State of Alaska."  Alaska Constitution Preamble


ALASKA CONSTITUTION PLEDGE:  http://wethepeoplealaska.org/alaska-gubernatorial-race/





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10-01-2013:  J.R.Myers files his Letter of Intent with APOC to run for Governor of Alaska in 2014.

J.R.Myers is the founder and Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party since 2010.  Prior to that he served two years as Vice Chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party.  J.R. has also served on local government boards in both the Kenai Peninsula and Haines Boroughs.  J.R. is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and was recently elected President of the Alaska Counseling Association.

J.R. says, “My campaign will be based on the principles embodied in the Alaska Constitution and its' Preamble.  Accordingly, I will acknowledge our Creator in the public forum, and uphold the social compact of our Constitution which forms the essential foundation of our government.  Alaskans can no longer tolerate the familiar corruption and disregard for the rule of law destroying our government from within and robbing our future generations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The people of Alaska are looking for a real alternative to business as usual in Juneau.  Alaska needs genuine leaders with a sustainable vision of hope.  I intend to provide them that choice by working together in good faith to Honor Our Heritage and Pioneer Our Future!”

"Countless people have told me they are tired of politics as usual, Alaska and our country are in big trouble.  Now is the time for corrective action, to return to our heritage of hard fought Liberty.  If the majority of the people, who do not belong to any party, awaken, arise and get involved in the process, anything is possible!  If elected, I intend to be the Governor of all Alaskans.  I am approachable, and willing to engage in respectful dialogue.  I invite everyone to consider the ACP when registering to vote, and to vote for me as your Governor come November 2014."  - J.R.Myers for Alaska Governor 2014

Check out my YouTube videos:  https://www.youtube.com/timedtext?action_view=1&v=DZUDerDncdY&video_refe...



Thanks to the Alaska Constitution Party Convention on 9/27/14, and the Executive Committee on 11/04/13, for their unanimous endorsement of my campaign for Alaska Governor in 2014!  - J.R.Myers

Alaska Constitution Party website:  http://www.alaskaconstitutionparty.com/


NEXT ACP District Q Meeting, 12:30 Saturday, November 1st at the Haines Public Library.  Call J.R. for more info at 766-2859.