So far, I'm now officially on the primary ballots in two states for a total of 59/270 Electoral Vote potential count goal.  They are Idaho (4) and California (55).  



2/8/2016:  As it turns out, I am one of seven on the CA AIP Primary Election ballot in June. - J.R.Myers




http://ballot-access.org/2016/01/12/american-independent-party-asks-cali...American Independent Party Asks California Secretary of State to List 12 Presidential Candidates on Primary Ballot




On January 11, the American Independent Party asked the California Secretary of State to list these twelve candidates on its presidential primary ballot: Lawrence Beliz, Wiley Drake, Brian Henry, Tom Hoefling, Rex Kafo, J. R. Myers, Walter Niyakik, Robert Ornelas, George Peabody, Robert S. Peters, Robert Sisilo, and Donald Trump.

California law says presidential primary candidates mentioned in the news media should automatically be placed on ballots. Because the news media typically doesn’t cover minor party presidential primary nomination contests very well, if at all, the tradition in California and certain other states is that election officials simply ask the minor party which presidential candidates to list. However, that tradition was disrupted in California in 2012, when the former Secretary of State, Deborah Bowen, refused to follow the suggestions of the American Independent Party and the Peace & Freedom Party.

The AIP has information that Donald Trump is willing to be listed on the AIP primary ballot. The AIP lets independent voters vote in its presidential primary, but the Republican Party of California does not. The AIP says now independent voters will be able to choose an AIP ballot and express support for Trump in that manner.

As far as is known, no presidential candidate has run simultaneously in the presidential primary of two different parties in the same state. However, there is no law against it, if the candidate is willing. California and approximately 24 other states do permit two parties to jointly nominate the same presidential candidate in the general election. The last instances in California of two parties running the same presidential nominee in the general election were in 1940 and 1928.


Myers/Feldman Debate on Public Square, Sunday 1/17/16:  https://youtu.be/VN0t8Q5GbtQ



Constitution Party and American Independent Party of California

It's nearly 2016, and election season is now upon us. Many have watched the continuing antics of the old parties with alarm as our world descends into chaos. Where are our real leaders? Where is our hope? It's easy to tune out and turn off to the whole process. Why vote?

Of course, that's what the enemies of Freedom hope you'll do. Go back to sleep, or simply give up. The old parties are counting on apathy and ignorance. They know that, "The Wicked Prosper, when Good People do nothing." Thankfully, we still have a little time to awaken, engage in the process and make a difference!

A year ago, I did not think I would be running for President of the U.S.A. today. That all changed when I received a call from California, and was asked to run. After much prayer, discussion and thought, I decided to do it.

After all, I meet ALL Constitutional requirements for President of The United States. Life is short and I don't see any other candidates out there that I can support at this time. I will boldly uphold our Judeo-Christian heritage and biblical Faith in the public arena. I will do this through common sense, consistency, courage and commitment to the Rule of Law.

The Constitution Party only has a few short months to gain ballot access for our Presidential ticket next year. It is crucial that our nominees appear in enough states to theoretically win at least 270 electoral votes. This is the number needed to elect a President. It is also the number needed for the Constitution Party to maintain its' national credibility. This will not happen without active campaigning. That won't happen without your help.

I just spent over $1,000.00 today to file to appear on the Idaho primary election ballot. I plan on travelling to Florida in a few days to speak to the Florida CP Convention in Sarasota. I hope to appear in the California ballot under the American Independent Party. Other expenses include the website, social media outreach, mail, phone calls and petitioning and ballot drives. As you know, no campaign is a one man show. It is a team built by all those who contribute their time, treasure or talent. Join our team today, we need your help now!

I am honored and humbled to be a candidate for the nomination of the Constitution Party in 2016. I realize that not everyone will have this opportunity, and this may be the only time for me. I am committed to promote our ideals of Liberty, as articulated in the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as originally understood.

I ask you to support my campaign for President of the United States. I will faithfully carry forth the message of Constitutional Liberty and Government Restraint. With your help, we can make a difference in the restoration of our beloved Republic.

You may click the Donate button in the upper right of this page, or send a check or money order to:

People for J.R.Myers

P.O.Box 2086

Soldotna, Alaska 99669

Honoring Our Heritage, Pioneering Our Future!





Here's a confirmation from Chairman Seidenberg he posted to B.A.N. this past August that I will appear on the CA AIP ballot.

Mark Seidenberg August 20, 2015 at 10:35 am
"... Hostettler will not be on the California Ballot in 2016. Mr. Myers of Alaska will be. Both are running for POTUS in other states as Constitution Party... " Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman American Independent Party of California

11/26/15  I officially filed my campaign with the FEC today.  Thankfully yours, J.R.


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I am announcing my intention to seek both the American Independent Party of California and the Constitution Party nominations for President of the United States of America.  Your prayers and support are most welcome.  In G-d We Trust!


Take the POLL!  Vote for your favorite for Constitution Party nominee from the announced CP candidates:  


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/04/2015, J.R.Myers announces his Presidential bid.

J.R. is in his third term as Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party (ACP).  

He was the ACP nominee for Alaska Governor in 2014.  

He also serves as President of the Alaska  Counseling Association, and works as a Behavioral Health Consultant.


"On this 239th Fourth of July celebration in the year of Our LORD 2015,

I announce my intentions to secure both the American Independent Party (AIP) of California,

and the national Constitution Party (CP) nominations for President of the United States.

My campaign will address many issues to include ballot access in the various states and Presidential Debate inclusion.  

We must acknowledge and defend our Judeo-Christian heritage, our Constitution and the Rule of Law.  

We must foster individual moral responsibility in the exercise of our freedoms.  

We must refrain from foreign conflicts not our own, yet vigorously defend our borders from those who seek our harm.

We must exercise our legitimate sovereignty, including over our Arctic lands.  

Our nation is in trouble as never before.  I ask for your prayers and support in this endeavor.

G-d Bless America!"


J.R.Myers for President 2016
POB 2086
Soldotna, AK 99669