Sewer Line Repair And Replacement in Washington, D.C.

Sewer Line Repair And Replacement in Washington, D.C.

Sewer Line Repair

Washington D.C. did not take a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew, but it was a clear reminder that storm waters can hit the area at any time. When they do, a homeowner’s sewer lines can get stressed if they are not in their best working order. Taking care of the problem before it causes major damage to your home needs to be a priority.

Some homeowners believe they can perform many plumbing repairs on their own – especially those who are the experienced, do-it-yourself types. But if you have had water problems in the past you know that water will seep into walls, floors, and anywhere else that makes it the most inconvenient for you to get at and dry up. The cost of repairing the damage can reach into the thousands of dollars.

Permanent residents of Washington D.C. need to heed the warning signs around them and contact a professional plumber to deal with sewer line repair and replacement. Doing so will reduce or completely eliminate the potential for any damage to your home. Some of the warning signs to watch for are:

Shifting soil – It a major cause of cracked or broken sewer lines. Seeing signs of shifting soil combined with drainage problems – no matter how minor – should have you pick up the phone and call a professional plumber.
Blockages of any type – If you are having consistent drainage back up problems, whether from severe grease build up or possibly a physical object blocking the flow, call to be safe rather than sorry.
Older homeowners – Older homes are more likely to be at risk of plumbing problems because the original pipes are likely to corrode or broken over years of use.

Make the call and let the professionals at SPT Plumbing come to your home and give your sewer system a thorough examination. We have the modern technology to accurately inspect and identify the problem using our camera inspection crawlers. Once we have identified the problem we are able to offer you the best solutions for your situation. There are two major possible solutions:

Digging up your property with a backhoe and removing/replacing the sewer line. This method is usually a last resort. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration to determine if this is possible. The goal of the plumbing company is to create a permanent fix.
Using what are called trenchless methods for sewer pipe repair. Most properties can use these methods, though the condition of the property and pipeline must be right. Trenchless methods repair the sewer line from the inside by putting a pipe within a pipe.

Trenchless methods are preferred by both plumbers and homeowners.

Low Cost – Two basic costs come with backhoe digging: the cost of the repair or replacement and the cost to replace the landscape.
Less Time –Trenchless methods can be completed in a number of hours with no disruption of the homeowner’s lifestyle.

There are times when digging is the only option. The most important part of the decision will be that you make sure the final result will be one that will last you for years, perhaps for the remainder of your lifetime. Future sewer line problems are possible for any number of reasons, but following your plumber’s recommendations significantly reduce the need for future repairs. If required, they likely will be able to be done using trenchless methods.

You will likely have to have a permit from your local municipality before digging starts. The cost of the permit will be added to your total cost for the replacement, which varies depending on your location. It can be as little as a few hundred dollars or as high as several thousand dollars. These extra costs are very good reasons to call a professional examination of your sewer line – before things get worse.

SPT Plumbing in Washington D.C. is experienced and knowledgeable in the area of sewer line repair and replacement. We are able to provide you with the best information and advice on how to repair or replace any damaged sewer line. Sewer lines should be considered to be a high priority since any backed up waste water or unseen leakage can create a health hazard to you and your family. Call us to schedule an appointment to visit your home and assess the problem.